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Hank's Grass Fed Beef A Name You Can Trust

We believe in keeping things simple. Like offering local, healthy, 100% Canadian premium grass-fed beef to our customers. Our beef is finished grain free with no hormones or steroids. We’re sure you’ll think it’s the best beef you’ve ever tasted.

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About Hank’s

Hank’s Grass Fed Beef is the leader when it comes to bringing local premium beef to customers. Hank’s cattle are born and raised on the family farms of beautiful British Columbia.

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About Hank’s

Why Our Beef Is Better

  1. We keep it simple

    You don’t believe in adding anything extra to your food. Neither do we. Hank's cattle are never given steroids or hormones.

  2. We know grass fed is best

    Grass fed beef - the way nature intended. Simple, great-tasting, premium AAA beef.

  3. Healthy and delicious

    Lean, low in fat and naturally rich in nutrients including Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Iron and Zinc. Naturally tasty, too!