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Our Story

Our Name

Hank is an English variation of the Dutch name, Hedzer. It’s a name that has been passed down in our family and used seven times in nine generations, and can trace its origin back to 1791. The generations that came before us were very connected to the land, the fields they cultivated and the animals they tended. They knew success resulted from investing in hard work, being honest and open in their relationships and taking pride in knowing they had produced something of great quality that we could enjoy together.


Our PrOmise

At Hank’s Grass Fed Beef, we believe in that same philosophy as our ancestors. We’re proud of our Dutch heritage, passionate about what we’re doing. We’re pleased to be able to offer 100% Canadian premium grass fed beef to our customers and their families.



Hank’s cattle are born and raised on the family farms of beautiful British Columbia – where the health and well-being of our cattle are a top priority. Hank’s cattle are fed same healthy diet year-round to ensure consistent high quality. And they also enjoy access to pasture for the part of the summer!